#FreeTheNipple Icelandic Style Favorite 



Mar 23 2015



It all started when an Icelandic girl took off her top on Twitter in a bid to promote sexual equality, only for her to be verbally attacked by some male Icelandic tit troll. Despite both comments being deleted, Twitter was suddenly awash with bare breasted ladies ("Th?"s one here is for feeding babies. Shove that up your patriarchy," tweeted Bright Future MP Björt Olafsdóttir) while numerous student bodies declared today, Thursday March 26th, as "no bra day".

"For me it's about being the way you want," said Heiður Anna Helgadóttir, the head of the University of Iceland's Feminist Association, "It's just a body part. Boys have breasts and nipples and it's fine for them to expose them. The same should apply to us." From celebrities to members of parliament, within minutes, hundreds of women took to social media, as they stood up and spoke out in support of free nipples (after all, men get to bare theirs, even the hairy ones!). The revolution is here; it's time to join in.

UPDATE: The #FreeTheNipple campaign went viral. This text analyses the backlash https://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/free-the-nipple-goes-viral-and-we-dis...

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