Global Jars of Joy Favorite 



Apr 25 2021


Cork City Ireland

Our project aims to show people that joy can be an act of resistance and resilience in the face of global justice issues when harnessed in the right way. The sharing of joy can also act as a connector in a society that continues to grow more polarised through the division of social media and mainstream media.

It aims to raise awareness around activists' stories and voices and how they harness and utilise what brings them joy and turn it into action against global justice issues. While also aiming to connect people through the sharing of their joy and the issues that they’re passionate or concerned about. We’ve highlighted the activist work of many people globally such as;
● A Cork DJ who turned the joy he finds in urban/hip-hop music into action in his work with Cork Migrant Centre
● A South African woman who’s turned her love of art into action working with young South African people to learn about their sexual health and contraception through art projects.
● And a Dutch activist who’s turned the joy she finds in caring for young plants and travelling, and her passion in working toward healthier environments into action by volunteering at a local reforestation project in Guatemala.

By recognising and highlighting joy as a tool to connect people who face different global justice issues, we aim to change the narrative around joy and connect it to global justice action. With this, we aimed to inspire and empower participants to connect what brings them joy and turn it into an action to tackle a global justice issue close to their hearts. Thus, enabling participants to engage in global justice issues in a hands-on manner, while connecting to others through the common concerns they share.

This project was carried out as part of the Creativity & Change programme in Munster Technological University.

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