Gravity of Equilibrium, an exhibition about Mass Shootings in USA 2 Favorite 


Aug 3 2019


New York

“Gravity of Equilibrium” revolves around Mass Shootings in USA. Mass shootings and guns are an incredibly divisive topics, one that is nearly impossible to engage opposing viewpoints in a discussion about. The majority of gun related debates devolve into charged arguments with parties feeling threatened. This effectively creates an environment where new perspectives and inputs are unable to be processed.
First part of this project involves a data visualization performance, marking each of the mass shootings in the US since Sandy Hook Elementary (2012), the total of 2,294 mass shootings up to date.
The labor of making charcoal marks on a white wall represents the vast damage, and the impossible frequency of these tragedies.
In the presentation of this work, the viewer’s curiosity is initially engaged, not yet introducing them to the context of the project. This helps to better grasp and digest the magnitude of this problem, without shock factors, re-traumatization or causing polarity of the opinions.

Long term goal of this project is to create a recognizable symbol of never ending count of mass shootings, a reminder of this issue and its need to address it. In order to do so, we intend to repeat this performance in various public locations in New York City.

Resources about mass shootings and gun violence in USA:

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