Guide for Youth Protestors Favorite 



Jan 1 2017


United States

The project consists of a double-sided, hand-drawn 8.5" x 11" quarter-fold sheet available to print and distribute freely.
It features such topics as basic information on police tactics (kettling, LRADS, tear gas or pepper spray), ways cops might try to get you to talk to them, and your rights as a student.
This guide was created to distribute to high school students walking out of attending protests in January 2017, when an educator expressed concern to the artist that educators contractually could not be seen walking out with students during the General Strike on January 20, 2017. A former high school teacher, the initiator used her knowledge of teenagers to create a guide using humour to engage students while informing them about how to maintain their rights and personal safety, knowing many might be protesting for the first time in their lives.

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