"I'm Just a Slave" parody from Black-ish/The Roots Favorite 



Oct 3 2017



On Tuesday night, Black-ish, one of the best shows on TV, returned for its fourth season. As expected, the premiere was outstanding.

The episode was a history lesson. The subject? June 19, 1865, better known as the Juneteenth, the official end of slavery.

The episode was also a musical, with a number of musical sets from the cast throughout. One of the sets was a Schoolhouse Rock style video featuring The Roots that gives a concise history of slavery and how it ended.

During the skit, Black Thought raps:

“I am a slave in the home of the brave. A product of the triangular trade, please pardon my ways. If I’m nervous or the slightest bit skittish in the presence of the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, or British. They kept me in colonial chains. Tell me how to persuade them to chill or to save me and still I’m a slave. I hope and pray that they don’t kill me today. I am still just a slave.”

If you’re not familiar with Schoolhouse Rock, Black Thought is paying homage to the iconic I’m Just a Bill cartoon.

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