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Aug 1 2015



The "I'm Not A Joke" campaign from Daniel Arzola is a series of images inscribed with compelling truths about human diversity that encourages individuals to live as their authentic selves. He wants the images to eventually appear on buses and subways, exposing audiences to the realities of queer experiences in an attempt to break down prejudice in a form of activism that he calls "Artivism."

Much of Arzola's work comes from personal experience as an LGBT person growing up in Venezuela. "I had a violent adolescence because of [Venezuela's intolerance]," he told The Huffington Post. "When I was 15-years-old they tied me to an electric pole and tried to burn me alive. I was able to escape that but I spent six years not being able to draw because they destroyed all of my drawings. After escaping that I transformed everything into lines and colors instead of returning the violence -- I wanted to break the cycle."

“The philosophy of my work is that we are not all the same. We are all different and that makes us diverse, and diversity is the biggest expression of liberty that exists -- not to let any label limit us. I also believe in the power of each person. If I initiated all of this, with a voice that learned to scream and a defective computer, but with a thousand ideas in my head. Those people called "weird" are the ones changing the world. Let's all be weird then.” said by Daniel Arzola during an interview.

Resources from JamesMichael Nichols, The Huffington Post

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