Inviting Strangers and Homeless people for Dinner Favorite 



Aug 1 2003



Brother Gao are two China artists. Their works are aims at reflecting the reality of Chinese society in an artistic and critical view. In 2003, the brothers held an event to invite many strangers for a dinner. The people they invites were mainly from two social classes: some of them are homeless people, who had nothing and even did not have enough money to have a meal; the other of them were some people who owned high social status, such as rich business people. One interesting thing the brothers found was that all the guests they invited for the dinner were naturally separated into two groups: people from high social status sat together, and homeless people sat together. Also, the rich people seemed like very comfortable in such environment. They talked and laughed loudly. However, the homeless people were clearly not suit the environment. They all sat far away from the rich people and did not talk with others. They just focus on their food. The event reflects a huge gap between different social classes, and such gap is hard or impossible to make through.

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