Jan 3 1997


Online, New York City

This blogger documents all the cool things that are on their way to extinction in New York. A mix of preserving history and nostalgia through old school photography and new media. This website creates a nostalgic internet record of pre-internet New York. 

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The first entry, copied from the blogger's 1996 journal:
Sitting in the Howard Johnson's in Times Square, drinking a vanilla Coke. Outside, the billboard with the Eight O'Clock Bean Coffee cup steams, the Cup O'Noodles cup steams, the giant Coke bottle tips its cap, sticks out its straw, and says ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY. A pair of mounted police clip-clop past the glass, the horses' tails swinging down Broadway. Somebody in here orders the fried clam platter. The sign above me says COCKTAILS and IT'S HAPPY HOUR AT HOWARD JOHNSON'S. The waiter serves two heaping banana splits to a couple of German ladies. "Banana splits?" he says. The ladies' eyes widen, they smile, "Beautiful," they say and dig in. 
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