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Apr 6 2016



They are disparaged as “free-willed” women, “stubborn,” “picky,” “incomplete.”
But a video by an East Asian beauty brand that went viral over the past week has upended the conversation on China’s sheng nu, which translates literally into “leftover women” — those who happen to be over 27 and unmarried.
“People think that in Chinese society an unmarried woman is incomplete. You feel like an outsider,” says one young woman.
“Maybe I should give up on someone I love for someone who’s suitable,” says another.
The emotional ad challenges the stigma surrounding the “leftover women” label, though not without laying bare its pain. It pins the documentary-style lens on an issue that, despite the uplifting notes captured on camera, also remains freighted with state and societal pressure.
“We want to inspire women to make their own choices,” Markus Strobel, president of luxury skin-care giant SK-II, said in a telephone interview from Singapore this week. “I think we have touched a nerve and we want to keep that conversation going.”

The video, commissioned by the Japan-based SK-II and posted on its social media channels April 7, had garnered more than 1.7 million YouTube views as of Thursday, with more than 25,000 comments on Sina Weibo. A company spokesperson said total views exceed 11.7 million.

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irfd74z52Cw

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