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Feb 22 2018


UK, Online

LEGOVC is a fictional, made up, 100% fake, plastic, 'pantomime villain' Vice Chancellor of a fake British University struggling as his utter managerial brilliance crumbles in the face of sustained strike action by his staff after their pension scheme is slashed. He is posed and photographed in a series of 50+ LEGO vignettes which, juxtaposed with carefully written captions, bring into sharp and ridiculous relief the issues at the heart of this industrial action.

These images were shared on twitter and archived on flickr as events unfolded, day by day. Towards the end of his capers, LEGOVC visited picket lines to meet, talk with, adore, praise, and take selfies with uni staff. He even met legendary protest singer Billy Bragg.

In addition to sharing these scenes via twitter, LEGOVC also interacted with his public via this medium of protest. One of his scenes was banned from an online article for, it seems, being 'factually incorrect'.

The first phase of this strike took place over 14 days beginning 22 February and ending on 16 March 2018. A further series of strike days will take place later in the summer, if negotiations are unsuccessful.

This dispute is between the union UCU and the employers' organisation UUK.

To see all of LEGOVC's antics, please check the flickr and twitter links below.

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