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May 16 2014


Nantes, France

What the Skirt Lifts is a day long protest against gender discrimination initiated by student Arthur Moinet and sanctioned by the Académie de Nantes, made up of local school officials. Both male and female students were encouraged to school wearing skirts. Those who did not feel comfortable wearing skirts were invited to participate by wearing a sticker which read: I am fighting against sexism, are you? It took place in many high schools in Western France, and a high school in Washington state (led by a French exchange student).

Although the idea was developed by students, several conservative groups argued that the protest promoted gay marriage, and further, that it was an attempt to begin to integrate gender theory into classrooms (reflecting a current topic of debate in French education law). "Many students were angered that adults had attempted to promote their own agendas on the back of the student-led initiative" (RT News, third source).

Groups that protested the action also argued that male students were "demanded" to wears skirts to school, while school officials insist that all students were "invited" to.

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