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Jan 26 2016


Shanghai China

On January 12, 2016, Shanghai's temperature dropped to its lowest of the year. A little girl was seen selling matches in the cold wind on Bund street. The little girl, wearing a classic dress, wrapped in an ocher-red scarf and carrying a small bamboo basket full of matches, gave matches to passers-by. It was like the fairy tale character in the Danish version of "The Little Match Girl" traveling to China, which attracted numerous passers-by to watch and talk.

This is no ordinary box of matches, but carefully designed matches. The front of the match was printed with the words "There are many children in the poor mountain village suffering from the cold just like the 'Little Match Girl' and they need your help"; On the back, there is a QR code and it says, "Scan the code and donate to help the children in the poor mountain village."

It turned out that this was a charity organization "Wardrobe of Love" and Tencent Charity launched a charity fundraising activity. "Wardrobe of Love" is a non-profit organization that aims to help children in China's mountainous areas get rid of the cold with new clothes. In the cold winter, they try to arouse the attention of the society with the activity of "Little Match Girl", and bring more warmth to the hands of the cold children in the mountainous areas of China.

Passers-by believe that the New Year is coming and it is very meaningful and heart-warming to help the children in the deep mountains get rid of the cold. The "little match girl" activity is very creative and touches their warm hearts.

The organizers used this performance and design to call for people to join the "One Box of Matches to Warm a Child" Campaign.

As long as scan the QR code on the matchbox, you can immediately send a set of warm new clothes to the mountain children.

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For it was an off-line event, it could only touch the people who pass by the little girl to bring the information and the need of the poor children. Also, it did not use much online promotion for this event, fewer people would get to know this meaningful fundraising event is happening on a street in Shanghai. What is more, lots of people would just be attracted by the "little match girl" image, instead of being willing to scan the QR code and donate money.