March Against Monsanto Rises Again Favorite 


Apr 29 2014


New York City, Oakland CA

The agriculture industry giant, Monsanto, has genetically modified its crops for years. March-Against-Monsanto wants to hold Monsanto more responsible for their loose modifications of these vegetable and fruits that so many Americans and citizens of the world consume on the daily.
Researchers in Caen, France conducted a study no rats starting in 2010 and concluded in 2012 that GM-corn caused cancerous tumors in rats. Nevertheless, the harm that GMOs do to the human body is still unknown.
All of this controversy lead activists around the globe to March-Against-Monsanto on May 25th of 2013. Months later they repeated the action in October. And next month, March-Against-Monsanto will protest once again on May 25th of 2014.
Some will demand that the corporation shutdown immediately, some will just ask that govermenments require GMO labeling on all Monsanto products but neeldess to say, participants be united in a participatory democratic process. The stigma surrounding the Monsanto corporation leaves room for debate on both sides of the issue. However, marchers are very brave to battle this colossal organization in a David versus Goliath manner.

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