Mother’s Day Eve Noise Demo Against the Prison Industrial Complex Favorite 



May 12 2012


New York City

WHAT: Noise Demo
WHEN: 8:00pm, Saturday, May 12th
WHERE: Bayview Correctional Facility – West 20th Street & 11th Avenue New York, New York
COST: Free

As the Global Class War continues to heat up, the state continues its ongoing use of force, surveillance, and threat of incarceration against anyone who defies its laws. From Cece McDonald who got sentenced to 3 years for fighting back against a fucking Nazi, to Patreese Johnson who is still locked up for defending herself and her friends from being gay-bashed, to Revered Joy Powell who is serving a life sentence for agitating against police violence, to the MOVE 9 women who had their house bombed and children killed because of their political beliefs, there is a clear pattern and history of the state using prisons to criminalize our resistance and self defense.

In solidarity with May Day calls for a world without borders and bosses, on the eve of Mother’s Day NYC Anarchist Black Cross calls for a world without cages for all. We call for it during this time, because 2/3 of all women in prison are mothers and we recognize the forced separation of a child from their caregiver by the state as an act of violence aimed at destroying families and social relationships. Furthermore, as an extension of that, when police continue killing people indiscriminately on the outside, they leave grieving families and loved ones with a loss that the “justice system” could never truly vindicate. For our communities, our loved ones, and liberation of all, burn the prisons!

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