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Sep 29 2019


San Jose CA

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR, 1948) was drafted in an effort to advance human rights on a global level. Article 26 (2) of the UDHR (1949) states that education is intended to develop humanity and increase the respect for human rights, as well as to promote tolerance among nations and maintenance of peace. Yet, the UDHR does not appear to be promoted or recognized.
An article by Silver (2019) indicates that more than five billion people have mobile phones today and approximately fifty percent are smartphones. An article by Franklin (2017) states that by the year 2021 there will be more people using mobile phones than people with bank accounts or even running water. Cisco (2019) estimates that by 2022 there will be 5.7 billion mobile users worldwide.
The smartphone has allowed the convenience to all of its users to have access to many tools from one device. The smartphone has become the Swiss army knife of our time. We have access to our money, calendars, the internet, plane tickets, public transportation, ride sharing, video, music, etc.… Why is there no focus on more important things like ease of access to the UDHR or the US Bill of Rights. In this era of convenience there appears to have been a slight disregard for long legal jargon persuading people to simply “accept the terms” instead of reading the terms. Similarly, an entire page full of text, however important it may be, simply is perceived as blocks of text.
The ultimate goal for is to apply it to an app that can be accessed without the internet. This would be of greater value given that the number of mobile users is growing so rapidly on a global scale and there are still many areas where there is very limited internet connectivity or no internet connectivity at all. The app would be just as quick as the mobile site, though it would be more accessible given that the app would not need internet connectivity. I hope to communicate the significance of the UDHR and spread the accessibility of important information on human rights.

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