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Jan 1 2013

Reversing decades of discrimination set into place when New Deal labor laws intentionally excluded domestic workers, New York State in 2010 passed the very first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Hawaii and California followed soon after with other states soon to follow. Building on several years of producing art with and about domestic workers, REV- (with lead artist and working mom Marisa Jahn) is launched Project NannyVan, a public art project that “accelerates the movement for domestic worker rights.”

Project NannyVan centrally involves a bright orange roving vehicle that rolls up to family-friendly events (museum family days, street fairs, farmers markets) as well as worker-friendly events (places of worship, parks, soccer games). You’ll hear it coming when you hear the ‘Nanthem’ (the ‘nanny anthem’) on blast — think ice cream truck meets discotheque. When the NannyVan stops, the back door opens, two craft carts roll out, and the ramp becomes a table.

The NannyVan is a bright orange mobile design lab and sound studio that "accelerates the movement for domestic workers' rights nationwide." With its pull-out craft carts, colorful design, and acoustic recording booth, the NannyVan convenes domestic workers workers and employers alike to produce and provide new fair care tools — from know-your-right flyers to our Domestic Worker App.

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