New Erotica For Feminists Favorite 


Feb 6 2018



I get catcalled on the street by a construction worker. He says that he can see I’m smart because I have enormous books. He tells me he’s reading the latest Zadie Smith novel. I invite him to join my book club, and spend all night fantasizing about his insightful commentary around non-linear plot structure.

- - -
“Why don’t we invite your friend over?” he suggests, testing the waters. “There’s nothing I love more than watching two women in sweatpants engaging in hot political discourse. I love to watch… how you always let each other finish speaking without interrupting. I’ll also make nachos.”

- - -
A stranger at a bar introduces himself, and the conversation is flowing.

He leans in close and murmurs throatily, “Would you like to get out of here and go to my place?”

“Oh, I’m gay,” I reply.

He says, “That’s cool. I’ve enjoyed talking to you. I won’t try to convince you that you need to sleep with a man to know if you’re really gay, because only a huge jerk would do that. Anyway, did you think Dunkirk was confusing?”

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