Occupy Barbie Dream-House Favorite 


May 16 2013


Berlin, Germany

We at "Left Youth ['solid] Kreuzkölln" have been around long enough of this policy and its lousy consequences for us. But how to solve the problem now? The problem is clearly the capitalist society for us. Even at school you will be prepared for competition and profit motive. We say: Stop it!

The manifesto:
Barbie Dream House in Berlin? Not with us!

On 16 May opened the Barbie Dream House in Berlin. At 2,500 square meters, which should be better used to free leisure, little girls here Cup-Cakes bake, sing karaoke, Makeup and lost in Barbie's wardrobe. We do not want that young girls are exposed to an Elementary Age sexist propaganda. Why we protest - against the opening of the Barbie Dream Houses at 16.5 in Berlin-Mitte and for raising children without sexism! Alternatives to Barbie, there are enough of Pippi Longstocking to Benjamin Blümchen and Bibi.

Our protest is not against parents who go to the Barbie house or children who play with Barbie (although a real woman with Barbie's proportions would be anorexic, could not walk and would never get their periods.) Our protest is directed against the image of women that the Barbie Dream House is taught in Berlin, opposite the exhibition and social conditions, as is the role of women always look good to clean and cook it represents. In contrast, we protest on 16 May peacefully before the Barbie house.

We call for:

→ No to Barbie Dream House. For diversity in child rearing and free activities instead of pink mush and stereotypes!

→ For an outcry against discrimination of women. Equal pay for equal work for and against discrimination of women in working life, against the special burden of women with domestic and care work against misogynistic advertising and media articles

-> No to low-wage and precarious employment! A majority of the jobs in the low-wage sector is done by women.

→ For joint resistance against sexism. The problem is not an individual but a social. As long as capitalism benefited from the fact that women earn less and do housework, there is an interest in the discrimination of women. Only organized and together we can defend ourselves against it.

What does that have to do with Barbie Dream House? The Barbie Dream House is a picture of women represents their only job is to be very nice and taking care of the household. If Barbie a real woman wärer they could neither stand upright nor survive because of their proportions. Here's a cliché role is strengthened in childhood, which then runs through the whole life.

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