PAWA 254 Favorite 



Feb 26 2013


Nairobi, Kenya

Kenyan-based photographer Boniface Mwangi has captured his country's political and civic turmoil since the controversial presidential election in 2007. The violence and disorder he witnesses daily motivated him to take action, setting up a creative hub for activism called PAWA 254.

The center encourages collaborative work between artists of all disciplines, including poets, musicians, graphic artists and photographers, to prompt social change. In addition to facilitating community-driven projects, the center acts as a point of connection for amateur and established artists. PAWA 254 also hosts regular training sessions that are designed to equip youth with the skills and inspiration needed for creative activism.

A central component of the center's mandate is documentation: many of the staff and recruits work in written and photographic journalism, and their work has been featured in a wide variety of local media (including BBC, Al Jazeera, Time Magazine, and CNN).

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