Performance Art Feminism in Beijing Favorite 



Feb 14 2012


Beijing China

Xiao has organized and participated in a series of activities that combine performance art with a strong social message. Despite a well-known Chinese maxim expounding that women "hold up half the sky," feminism has largely been an underground movement in the country. Xiao and her cohorts' mission is to change that by taking up the cause in public, even if it means going to extreme and controversial lengths. On Valentine's Day in 2012, Xiao and two other young women wore wedding dresses spattered in fake blood to raise awareness about domestic violence. Encouraged by their reception, further displays of performance art were organized by Xiao and her peers. Their placards became a focal point of their gatherings, with slogans including "Just because I'm flirty doesn't mean you can be dirty," "Let's occupy the men's room" and "My vagina says, 'Don't be ashamed.'" They chanted and sang popular songs with adapted lyrics to deliver their message, but also lobbied authorities to voice their grievances and urge greater protection of women's rights.

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