Photo: Mermaid Ocean Activist at a Climate Protest Against Fossil Fuel Donations & Subsidies at the Office of Far-Right Politician. Video: Displaced Mermaids Genetic Link To Bleached Reef Corals 3 Favorite 

Sandy of The Sea with Ocean News on the bleaching of marine species! This is an exciting yet troubling breakthrough for marine species. A new genetic study has proven that mermaids may be more closely related to fragile Branching Corals. Marine biologists have received test results carried out on Table Coral and Mermaids (Table Coral is a branching type of coral).
My Living Climate Art Inspired Piece ~ Displaced Mermaids Genetic Link To Bleached Reef Corals?
When I thought about mangrove forests dying, that ecosystem goes hand in hand with coral bleaching. This 57 second video is a living metaphor, symbolic of ecocide. I designed it knowing that it could be misunderstood. It confronts us as human beings, with some uncomfortable questions about ourselves. Are we really taking notice of our environment with all its' needs? Are we accepting that, being human means we are of nature too? Are we learning how to read the signs nature sends us? If humans did live beneath oceans, how might we suffer from the impacts of global warming, marine pollution and coral bleaching? And would it be in our nature to read shells instead of words?

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