Play Smart 2010 Favorite 


Feb 1 2010


New York

Play Smart a series of yearly events where photographers and designers are gathered and designed cards to trade. It has lasted from 2010 to this year. Play Smart 2010 is the first in the series. In 2010, Play Smart featured photographers Aaron Cobbett, inkedKenny, Greg Mitchell and Slava Mogutin and was designed by John Chaich.

This project is held along with Visual AIDS, as a free distribution platform. Play Smart trading cards were created to be an honest and straight-forward approach to promoting harm reduction, HIV testing and post-exposure prophylaxis. Since the start, Play Smart has been packaged with two trading cards, a sticker, condoms and lube. The back of each trading card provides information to help gay people play smart.

Among the five artists, Inked Kenny has lived with HIV for more than two decades. And Aaron Cobbett, an award winning Photographer/Director also witnessed death sentence of AIDS in the 1980s New York. They all worked together to advocate the safe sex among LGBT people and fight with AIDS.

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