Polylogues Favorite 



Nov 1 2018


New York

Journalist and playwright Xandra Clark began creating Polylogues, a one woman show exploring non-monogamy, in 2017. The show is created from interviews Clark conducts around the world with people of different ages, genders, and races about their relationship with non-monogamy or polyamory (hence the name of the performance Polylogues). Clark edits and compiles these interviews into a performance where she performs their side of the interviews with the audio playing through her earphones connected to her phone. This is how she believes she keeps the integrity and anonymity of the people she interviews. The narratives come together to show that polyamory takes different forms and can be practiced in a variety of ways. The performance challenges monogamy as a cultural norm and brings to light the possibilities of non-monogamy, a practice that is often not talked about or represented in culture.

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