Poop Protest Favorite 



Apr 27 2014



A mainland couple allowed their 2-year-old son to relieve himself by the road at Mangkok, Hong Kong and conflicted with local pedestrians who took photos of the child caused quite a stir among Chinese netizens. While the majority of mainland netizens show understanding for the couple, HongKongers think differently. On April 27, 30 Hong Kong natives demonstrated against mainland tourists in a shopping mall at Tsim Sha Tzui, Hong Kong’s main tourism and commercial zone. Protesters would bring toystools and newspapers poured with water to mimic the mainland child. Over 400 netizens claimed to participate. Some said they were confused why So asked HongKongers to tolerate the mainlander’s behavior instead of supporting law enforcement, since urinating and pooping on streets of Hong Kong is against the law.

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