Postcards for Gun Control 1 Favorite 



Apr 15 2019


Rochester, NY

The installation consists on providing postcards to gallery visitors that they can use to mail their Elected Officials to advocate for gun control. The front of the postcard shows the photograph “Mommy, what is this?” (2018), which is the hand of Ileana's son, Lucca, holding a toy bullet while making the peace sign. The back of the postcard contains a short letter with the phrase “No more children should die from gun violence. I support gun control.”, along with fill-in-the-blank spaces for the names and contact information of them and of the elected official they would like to mail the postcard to. Stamps, a mailbox and the mail addresses of the senators and the representatives where the exhibition is taking place have been provided. So far more than 400 postcards have been mailed after the exhibitions end. This installation was included at the 2019 Small Venue Biennial Current Seen: Seeing Change, at Visual Studies Workshop, and in the 2019 MFA Thesis Exhibition Point of Contact, at Rochester Institute of Technology William Harris Gallery, both in Rochester, NY.

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