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Mar 1 2012


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The Prometheus Project is a partnership between the American Repertory Theater and Amnesty International to bring the theater arts to the service of human rights advocacy.

In an effort to bring the power of theater to aid the fight for universal human rights, the A.R.T. will dedicate the run of Prometheus Bound to eight Amnesty Actions calling to free prisoners of conscience and fight against human rights abuses all over the world. By singing the story of Prometheus, the God who defied the tyrant Zeus by giving the human race both fire and art, we hope to bring a voice to all prisoners of conscience currently being silenced by tyrannical governments. At each performance, the audience can become an activist for a specific cause or prisoner.

Below is information on the eight selected cases where individuals are currently suffering major human rights violations. Please take a moment to learn about these people's stories and discover what action you can take to help.

In order to transform the audience of Prometheus Bound from passive spectators to active citizens, we need a group of dedicated volunteer Activists to join their voices to Prometheus'. Below are descriptions of the two types of Prometheus Project Activists-- Audience Activist and Outreach Activist. Both roles offer an opportunity to directly participate in the production of Prometheus Bound and activate awareness of pressing human rights issues worldwide.

For more information:

Amnesty International website: or
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