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Apr 10 2019



Two pairs of dusty, pastel-orange roller skates. A ram's skull. Several meters of tangled, bright red rope. They aren't the sort of items you'd find in the great fashion houses of Europe or on North American catwalks.
But, for unconventional Chinese designer and performance artist Wan Yunfeng, they are perfect.
From his small apartment in eastern Beijing, Wan makes fashion that only he wears.
His distinctive gowns are crafted from discarded items, draped and twisted around his body and photographed to send a message about the destructive power of human consumption.
"I make clothes to bring awareness to the environment, it is performance art. So of course you can't wear these clothes in daily life, it is to deliver a message of environmental protection," he said.

The criticism has affected Wan in the past.
At one point, he postponed his work and threw out many of his earlier creations. But now he has decided it is important for him to carry on. "If even just one person is influenced by me, I should do it," he said.
"Criticism is OK, exaggeration is OK too. I just have to protect our environment. I just believe that everyone should work to protect our environment, don't you think?"

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

The project is for a very long-term goal ---- protect the environment. In fact, it is one of the most universal topics in the world, and humans are trying to improve the environment, though it is hard.


This art is very impressive if one has seen. It is easy to understand for people and the theme is universal, yet few people know it. But now more and more people start to concern about the environment and try to do sth., and this art work could arise more people's awareness.