Rattlin' Bog Flash Mob 3 Favorite 

A This flash mob was designed to deliver a message to raise awareness and deepen understanding about the immediacy of the climate change problem. By subverting the lyrics of the Rattlin’ Bog, we appealed through music to the hearts of participants.
The Irish song, the Rattlin’ Bog, is a well-loved traditional cumulative song, with a short chorus, and is easily learned. The word Rattlin’ means ‘splendid’.
A flash mob is a public happening where people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse.
Creating cognitive dissonance we engaged the public in the cause, and attempted to shift their awareness in a thought provoking way to highlight the impact of humans on the environment and the importance of taking care of Ireland’s upland bogs because they are a carbon sink. They are part of the solution for addressing climate change.
Through learning the lyrics ourselves and sharing them with others, we made our message real, and we learned more about the bogs.
Our lyrics generated compassion towards the earth and knowledge of the symbiotic relationship between people and the planet, seeking to touch hearts and affect minds.
Calling on the organs of action (the hands) through giving out lyric sheets and making signs, rhythmic movement and a personal call to action, we engaged the public.
These collective small actions have the potential for global impact. Through on-street digital recording and sharing of the event, there is a viral impact of the message. The powerful response fo the public was heartening. Through music and dance, we enlivened a hopeful response to the issue of climate change (Joanna Macy).

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