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May 11 2012


America, The Internet

In 2012, Sandra Fluke stood up in front of Democratic members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to advocate for the mandatory inclusion of birth control coverage in health insurance. Republicans on the committee refused to allow her to speak.

Shortly afterward, radio host Rush Limbaugh asserted that Fluke was a "Slut" and a "Prostitute" who was having so much sex that she couldn't afford contraception, and was asking the taxpayers to pay for it.

In response to this, Digital Artist Roopa Vasudevan built a website and map to visualize the collective voice of those who support Reproductive Rights free from discrimination.

Sluts Across America, is an interactive map that invites allies to describe how or why they support birth control. They are also asked their zip code so their voice can be represented locally. This is done by placing a symbolic, sexualized truck-flap lady silhouette on the map with a pop-up of the support message.

This web installation builds solidarity and gives presence to the issue of women's rights and reproductive rights in 2012.

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