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Feb 15 2021


Melville NY

500+ snowmen appeared outside the office of Senator Chuck Schumer in Melville Monday, Feb. 15, 2021. The snowmen appear to be placed there by climate activist @pricecarbonplz. (Source: Newsday,

The project is connected to a Twitter account @pricecarbonplz and belongs to an unnamed constituent of Senator Chuck Schumer. The first post appeared on the account on February 3rd, 2021 and the account features photos of snowmen with signs protesting climate change and advocating for a carbon pricing initiative. The account features snowmen acting out memes and referencing popular culture such as the Star Wars films and Avengers: Infinity War while also consistently making reference to the climate change crisis and a potential solution. Most of the text on each of the posts is written in a sort of mock-typing shorthand with vowels removed and numbers abbreviated and "to" shortened to "2". The account has posted 43 times since February 3rd.

A photo of 580 snowmen was shown in the print edition of Newsday on February 16th, 2021 paired with an article about weather in the Long Island region. The photo was accompanied by a short caption that did not reference the social media handle of the activist or what each of the signs held by the snowmen said. Many of the snowmen held signs that said things like "10/10 snowppl support carbon pricing" and "Mister Chuck Shoomer, If u price carbon we will vote 4 u 4ever. (we r verified constituents". As of Tuesday February 16th, 2021, one day after the display, the account only has seven followers and only follows two accounts, those of Senator Chuck Schumer and Amy Schumer, respectively.

Senator Chuck Schumer was not at his office on Monday, February 15th, but was rather in Camillus, a town outside of Syracuse, NY to discuss aid for restaurant workers.

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This project, while it garnered some media attention, will likely remain ineffective. It did not garner enough attention or reach out to enough people in order to spark the conversation the activist so clearly wanted. While the snowmen made for a great spectacle, they have likely already melted even a day later and with them, the goal they stood for has faded away as well.