Street Artists Turn Fur Coats into Wild Animal Graffiti Protest 5 Favorite 



Dec 15 2010


Paris, Berlin
By Joe Laur

Members of the creative collective Neozoon, a group of artists based in Paris and Berlin, are staging a protest against using animal furs as fashion by turning fur coats into street art graffiti.

Apparently, they are taking furs and fur garments and reshaping them into animals in action on streets, along alleyways, against walls and even on trees in parks.

They’ve also created the “non-toed fur-coatie”- Latin name: Pellicusia Urbana. The non-toed fur-coaties are fur coats wrapped around machinery that moves like a live animal. Zoos in the German cities of Münster and Magdeburg have populated some cages with the fur-coaties, along with descriptive placards. The fake creatures have been moving into public parks and playgrounds throughout Berlin as well.

The obvious point is that the non-toed fur-coatie is dead- killed for its fur. The reanimation of the pelt reminds us of the life it once covered, and begs the question: “WTF are we doing?”

Street art strikes again to make a point. If you’d like to see more of this chillingly effective protest go to the Neozoon site and check it out. Then go get yourself a nice cloth coat, or one upcycled from pop bottles.

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