The Swiss Public Welfare Outdoor Interactive Facility for Domestic Violence "Shut Him Down" Favorite 



Jan 12 2016



Neighbors in modern cities have less and less communication, and they all go about their business as soon as they close the door. In Switzerland, a woman dies every week as a result of domestic violence, so in an effort to get everyone to act, the charity has put up an interactive billboard in a shopping mall that shows a man in a family doing violence to a woman.

And on the screen of the device, it says, "You can stop him. You can stop him with the microphone."

It turned out that what was happening on the billboard was being filmed in real-time. Under the scolding of passers-by, they would stop the domestic violence.

And the final slogan reminds us that when we see domestic violence, we should stand up bravely to stop it.

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