Tea Party for Obama Favorite 



Jan 14 2012



With the aim to confuse and 'stir up the shit', Brainstone built and launched a website that looked like the beloved Tea Party had given up on its right-wing clowns and finally supported Obama.

The site drew lots of twitter, blogger. social media and news site reaction. Members of Brainstone were frequently requested to conduct interviews and spent tons of hours responding to emails.

The site also served as a platform for trolling right wing sites. User accounts with TeaPartyforObama.com were opened on all the silly right-wing sites and discussions were pointed to the site.

 Care was taken to tread the delicate line between subtly and stupidity. It was more important to leave the question weather the site was real or not. Too far in any direction and our ruse would have been uncovered.

Brainstone has stoppped operations on TeapartyforObama but have two new sites in development.

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