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Oct 9 2013



Over the past 2 years, Visualizing Palestine (VP) has harnessed visual storytelling to bring public attention to the daily injustices facing Palestinians, from demolition of homes to mothers forced to give birth at military checkpoints. VP wants to start 2014 by raising global awareness around two key issues.

First, they’re targeting Israeli military detention. The world needs to know that more than 500 Palestinian children are detained by the Israeli military each year, and that an estimated 40% of the adult male population in the West Bank and Gaza has been detained at least once. This animated short tells the story of one young Palestinian who faced unjust arrest, and how Visualizing Palestine works to get stories like his to the world.

Second, VP wants the world to know about the Israeli ID system, and how it is used to segregate and displace Palestinians.

On 9 October, Visualizing Palestine launched a 30 day crowdfunding campaign to bring these issues to the world. Every dollar raised during the campaign will go towards VP’s efforts to address military detention, the ID system and a range of other campaigns through 2014.

The campaign ends on the 9th November, and VP needs every bit of support they can get to hit their campaign goal. Visit the campaign page, today:

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