The Vulvatron 2 Favorite 



May 13 2015


Burning Man

The Vulvatron was created specifically for Burning Man 2014. A multi-sensory experience, the Vulvatron attempts to communicate to those whom interact with it a distinctly feminine mystery. What is woman? In a world that has politicized, exoticized, sexualized, objectified, made their stake in women, what remains? Creating a gigantic object inspired by female anatomy in a world surrounded by phallic objects is a medicine story in itself. Walking into a vulva forces you to think about the vuvla, wander in the mental vulva, and just plain old think about vagina. Think about it, allow it power, allow it to come first. Pun intended.

The Vulvatron wants to move on from Burning Man and be exhibited everywhere in public spaces where any other phallic objects are abided, whether that be health clinics, high schools, or museums, .

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