Waste Turned Into Homeless Shelters 1 Favorite 

The following description is taken from Amanda Froelich's article on www.trueactivist.com (link below):

"Dumpster diving is a topic that is rising in popularity. Just take a peek at Rob Greenfield! This activist won’t hesitate before jumping in a dumpster, but he’ll also take time to spout reasoning behind why we should work hard to ‘waste less’.

According to him and other sources, Americans waste about 40% of their food supply. As startling as this statistic is, few decide to do anything about it – or take into consideration the amount of other supplies being thrown away. For that reason, Gregory Kloehn’s art project to help the homeless and make use of excess trash is just that much more incredible.

The artist from Oakland recognized that there is an excess of illegally dumped trash and an abundance of homeless people. So what did he do? Instead of building sculptures that he could sell to rich people to decorate their homes, he decided to focus his efforts on helping the homeless population in California. He dumpster dives, and uses what he collects to build small, one-room shelters for the homeless. And his work is receiving big attention. Not just from the media, but the many people whose lives he’s helped transform."

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