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May 14 2012


Los Angeles CA

A Well Within" is a collaborative art and education project that inspires people - young and old - to confront the global water crisis in a personal way. This interactive experience tells the story of Alile, a young East African girl affected by drought, who struggles to give her grandmother a precious drink of water. The installation, which is part video and part installation, is the work of a diverse team of artist-activists who believe that every person has a human right to clean water.

The Pop-Up Experience for "A Well Within" uses an immersive educational environment to tell the story of Alile - a young East African girl living without access to water. The exhibit recreates Alile's village, with interactive panels explaining her community's journey from water poverty to the social and economic security that comes with access to clean water. The Pop-Up Experience is a simple educational tool used to explain water poverty and basic human rights themes to people who may never have considered how difficult life can be without clean water. The installation is designed and staffed by DIGDEEP - an LA-based human rights nonprofit.

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