Women In War - Oropéndola 2 Favorite 


Feb 25 2004



Women in war is a theater play written by Colombian authors Carlota Llano and Fernando Montes. It is based on 4 stories of women that participated and were victims of Colombian armed Conflict: Dora Margarita, a guerrilla women from the ELN and M-19 group; Margot Leongómez de Pizarro, mother of Carlos Pizarro, former Colombia guerrilla and presidential candidate who was assassinated; Chave, an ex paramilitary member and Juana Sánchez, a victim of forced desplacement.

The theater play is, in turn, part of an artistic and cultural project called "Oropéndola", which seeks to give visibility to artistic projects about war, redemption and peace in Colombia. Oropéndula is part of "Memoria Histórica Project" (Historic memory project) whose mission consist of telling and looking for the truth about Colombia's conflict. Additionally,both projects intend to create awereness about the social consequences of war specially on women, who get dramatically affected in multiple ways.

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