For ‘Equal Pay Day’, An ATM That Gives Less Money To Men 1 Favorite 


Oct 24 2013



As we’ve already found out, gender inequality exists in all parts of the world, but besides discriminative attitudes, women also suffer from wage discrimination.

According to statistics, women’s earnings in the US “were 77% of men’s in 2011”, while in Switzerland, women earned “roughly 20% less than equally skilled men in comparable positions”.

To highlight and promote ‘Equal Pay Day’, Swiss ad agency Publicis Zurich teamed up with the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) to create an ATM that dispenses less money to men.

In the video, several men were outraged after finding themselves shortchanged by the ATM. However, they were quickly explained the significance of campaign, highlighting the plight of women and promoting ‘Equal Pay Day’.

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