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Jan 14 2013


Bogota, Bogota Colombia

The New Life Foundation is a Colombian organization located in Bogota, whose aim consists of offering vulnerable women alternatives to quit prostitution and rehabilitate from its surrounding dangers (crime, drug addiction, AIDS, etc.) One of its remarkable projects was based on theater as a method to overcome a past of shame and grief building a more dignant present in which they co-construct with their communities.

The participants of these project, most ex prostitutes, gathered in a weekly basis in order to rehearse their roles for a theater play. These rehearsals promoted change as long as they permitted group solidarity, activity, support and creativity opportunities. The content of the plays were related to issues, challenges, obstacles and risks faced by vulnerable women everyday in the Colombian Society and how to address them in one different way. The last part of this process was a theater play in which they would create a cultural and reflective environment for their communities, narrating their own stories with pride and dignity.

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