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Mar 28 2012


New York, NY

Heroin sold in the northeast, specifically in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey tends to come in little glassine baggies. The art comes from the individual and unique "stamp" on said baggie sold to a user.

Used for branding purposes, the stamp image can be almost anything. From pictures of Obama to pictures of guns to stamps simply saying words like "Body Bag" and "Overdose", the heroin stamp bag serves to mark a certain crew's heroin supply and is supposed to act as a word of mouth representation of the quality of the product being sold.

In this article, it is revealed that one user has created a blog wherein daily reviews are given of stamp bags sampled across the three states mentioned above. Here, users can come together and review the quality and quantity of heroin being sold. This results in an avant garde kind of digital community, making users feel less alone. On top of that, it provides a direct link to an attempt to create a feeling of safety when using.

The reality is, users definitely do not know what is in their heroin, and most dealers don't either. There's a lot of trust going on, on both sides. Using this blog as a form of activism to promote relative safety through discussion, we can see a form of artistic creativity and activism in the form of harm reduction. Harm reduction serves not to promote illicit behaviors, but to make said behaviors as safe as possible for those who engage in them. In that sense, this blog is doing a wonderful service to those who use heroin in NJ, PA, and NY. Many lives have been saved and overdoses prevented, and some of the isolation that goes hand in hand with drug addiction can drift away.

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