Artists React to the Pandemic, George Floyd and the Election 1 Favorite 



Jul 3 2020



“Artists React to the Pandemic, George Floyd and the Election”

Kathy Aoki, Aileen Bassis, Sue Coe, Donna Coleman, Patricia Dahlman, Michael Dal Cerro, Anne Dushanko Dobek, Robyn Ellenbogen, Tim Fite, Robert Geshlider, Todd Hanson and Annakai Hayakawa Geshlider, Cheryl Harper, Carla Rae Johnson, Jackie Lima, Anne Q McKeown, Doug Minkler, Frank Lopez-Motnyk, Ray Must, Hubert Neal Jr, Joseph O’Neal, Chris Pelletiere, Carol Radsprecher, Ilse Schreiber-Noll, Rita Valley, and Lisa G Westheimer.

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"Artists React to the Pandemic, George Floyd and the Election" is an online project which has the potential to reach a large audience. These are turbulent times caused by the pandemic, police brutality, protests for equal justice and an upcoming presidential election. Artists communicate their ideas and thoughts in a visual and political way. This in turn brings inspiration to a community that needs to see both reality and hope.