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Jun 19 2014


Rio de Janeiro

At Rio+20 we present a bread tank with a garden inside to underline the realistic possibility of eradicating hunger and extreme poverty by redirecting military spending.

In 2011 global military spending amounted to $1.74 trillion – despite the fact that 1 billion people suffer from hunger, still more have no access to safe water or adequate health care and education, and even in the industrialised world millions are without work. Disarmament is a necessary condition for sustainable development. We therefore demand that the governments of the world seriously address this neglected issue of peace and disarmament and agree on a global plan for disarmament at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June 2012. Starting in 2013, military spending should be cut back substantially – a minimum of 10 % per annum. The freed-up funds should be used for social, economic and ecological programmes in all countries.

At Rio+20 we present an edible, life-sized tank made of bread. This unique mobile sculpture, measuring 8m x 4m x 3m, is a symbol of how the world’s military budget should really be used – to fund sustainable development, fight hunger and extreme poverty, improve food and water security, and provide education and healthcare. Inside the bread tank is a vegetable garden that becomes visible as the tank is consumed. No bread is wasted: Remaining food is donated to a charitable food bank. The Bread Tank is accompanied by an exhibition that juxtaposes current military spending with money required to finance exemplary social and ecological measures.

A life-sized Tank made of Bread was placed inside the Morro Santa Marta, the first pacified favela in the city of Rio. The Tank has the dimensions of a real war tank and is covered with bread as a symbol of using military expenses to fund social needs. The initiative is part of the Disarmament for Sustainable Development Appeal, promoted by the World Future Council, Viva Rio, Mayors for Peace and partner organizations. They call for governments at Rio+20 to redirect 10% of annual military expenditures to fund social and environmental programs. June 19, Rio de Janeiro, BRA

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