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Sep 19 2014



Four months ago, I was in a multifaith brainstorm for the People’s Climate March when someone said, “What if we had a giant ark?” I think we all had the same reaction: Great … but how do you build an ark?

Fast forward dozens of phone calls, emails, donations, stickers, markers, posters, animal crackers, and unicorn horns later: The Ark didn’t just happen, it led the multifaith section of the Climate March. And it sent a message we all need to hear to save our planet – We are all in the same boat.

A shout out to Auburn Seminary, GreenFaith, Interfaith Power & Light, Judson Memorial Church, Groundswell, Middle Collegiate Church, Sojourners, Catholics United, Faith in New York, and many other awesome partners made this possible. Plus, grassroots donors!

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