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Jan 1 2011

Conceived and curated by Bushwick native Joe Ficalora, the Bushwick Collective has evolved into an extraordinary open-air gallery since its first mural surfaced in 2011.

Attracting a wondrous array of local, national and international artists, it showcases first-rate street art -- from legendary Blek Le Rat stencils to huge collaborative walls by such world-renowned artists as Case Ma'Claim and Pixel Pancho.

Within the past few years, the ever-expanding Bushwick Collective has transformed its environs from a largely grim industrial neighborhood into a vibrant tourist destination.

Born in 1978, Joe Ficalora came of age in Bushwick in the 1980's - at a time when the area was crime-ridden and grim. In 1991, Ficalora's father was murdered outside a local subway station. In 2011, his mother died of a brain tumor. In his effort to revive himself, Ficalora was determined to revive his neighborhood. The Bushwick Collective is the astonishing result of his personal fight to erase his painful memories, as he transformed his neighborhood into an incredible open-air gallery. The Bushwick Collective is a testament to not only Joe Ficalora's extraordinary resilience and vision, but to the power of art to transform a neighborhood.

The Bushwick Collective Block party is an annual art event in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Combining graffiti, street-art, music, food trucks and local vendors, the Collective brings together the best of the community.

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