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Mar 20 2012



"Cats Against Cat Calling" began online as a movement under same slogan, powered through Hollaback! Hollaback! is an activist collective seeking to end street harassment. Working through a network of activists in various locations, Hollaback! encourages individuals to stand up for themselves against uncomfortable interactions in public. Their vision is to create a "world where street harassment is not tolerated and where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces." The idea of Cats Against Cat Calling sums up Hollaback!'s mission, and is carried out by individuals who use the slogan in different artistic mediums. Submissions are sent to and curated on the Cats Against Cat Calling Tumblr page.
Beginning in April 2012, Cats Against Cat Calling utilized cat memes to create discussion around harassment. The slogan was initally used by Riot Grrrl Berlin who created an feminist album compilation under the same name. Teaming up with their local chapter of Hollaback! Berlin, the Tumblr page was created to spread awareness about the movement. Regarding the album, Riot Grrrl Berlin explained:
"this compilation is worthless if no one will hear it. so please, share about it on your blog, post it on facebook, print some posters and paste your town. this is what d.i.y. is about."
Later in 2014, the d.i.y movement around Cats Against Cat Calling continued to grow, as individuals across the globe shared their own art inspired by the movement.
Encouraging artistic participation to spread awareness about street harassment has been a wildly successful strategy for Hollaback!

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