Coal Seam Greed - Coal Seam Gas Hoax 3 Favorite 



Dec 1 2012


Brisbane Australia

Coal Seam Greed was going to be a simple satire showing Katso and Nowhereman posing as a mining company called Reed Gas and erecting notices stating their intent to explore for unconventional gas or CSG in inner-city Brisbane. The idea was that residents would see the signs, phone and leave messages in response, which would then be incorporated into the video.

As luck would have it, one of the parks they put signs in had previously been fenced off for genuine earthworks. A few notices later, and Katso and Nowhereman had their very first coal seam gas exploration in Brisbane.

Angry residents did call and leave messages... so did a confused council, a very stressed mining minister's office, the company they said they were a subsidiary of and a curious Chanel 9 news...

The entire project was captured on video and for no more than $50, it was an extremely effective action. Follow the link to watch on youtube.

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