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Jan 1 2002



Another incredible artist determined to change the world for animals is Dana Ellyn. This DC-based artist started being a full-time painter in 2002 after leaving a corporate job. Her paintings do not shy away from showing the exploitation of animals, as well as critiquing society in general. Her paintings are meant to start a conversation, and they are certainly doing that as effective advocacy for animals. She truly began to concentrate on animal rights in 2013. Her work truly comes from her heart and desire to change the world while expressing her views on society.

Meats oozing red liquid, tendons, skinned creatures stretched-out in a deli case. These images formed the nightmares of artist Dana Ellyn's childhood. Today, separated by the distance of years and a vegetarian diet, Ellyn's paintings lend a darkly humorous twist to the subject of our consumption and use of animals. Ellyn invites viewers to reconsider the every day. Pieces give a new meaning to ubiquitous phrases, lending a comically sinister meaning to "baby back ribs" and turning "pig in a blanket" on its head.

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