Do Not Pass Go: Monopolize Bank of America Favorite 



Jul 14 2012


Seattle, WA

(Taken from Group's Event Statement):

"The big banks have been playing monopoly with our money & our homes. On Saturday July 14th, as part of #J20 Bring the Fight Back to the Banks Week, let's return the favor..."

"While drawing attention to BoA's practices we want to also encourage their customers to foreclose on their accounts & take their money to a credit union or community bank. We'll have monopoly money and "foreclosure" notices on hand to give out with some helpful facts about BoA and more information about doing just that.

Let's dress up and play bank!"

Participants dressed up as foreclosed homes, monopoly characters, dice, policemen, etc. The action was performed twice in front of two Bank of America branches near downtown Seattle, and once on the sidewalk at Seattle's FolkLife festival. Passers-by were welcomed to join in the act.

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