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Aug 1 2020



Prison inmates in Mexico have suffered from coronavirus infections at a higher rate than the country as a whole, and pandemic lockdowns have reduced their already limited contact with the outside world.

But one group of women inmates at a prison west of Mexico City have managed to benefit, as the lockdown spurred a wave of professionals with time on their hands to donate online classes.

Chefs, writers, and other professionals who once might have had a hard time physically visiting the prison, with its complex security filters, now are increasingly giving online classes to inmates.

Tatiana Ortiz founded the non-profit group “Plan B” two years ago to bring a sewing workshop, a library, and classes to inmates. The Plan B foundation had the idea to launch a web page with the slogan “Donate an hour,” which has already received about 10,000 responses with proposals for classes. They come not just from big-name chefs, businesswomen, motivational speakers, and coaches. The website aims to sign up gardeners, carpenters, and clothing makers.
Donate an hour has already become the first remote school for female prisons in Mexico.

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

The purpose of the campaign is to help women in prison develop new skills/abilities that help them reintegrate into society once they are free. This initiative is about building community, sharing knowledge, but also open a space for a shared experience between the ones leading a workshop and the ones attending it.


The initiative was initially very controversial, which I think was great because just in the middle of the pandemic, the project brought the public's attention to one particular issue that was not being discussed in Mexico Female prisons and their conditions during the covid pandemic. Currently, they have more than 1000 proposals from people who want to donate an hour, and on the website, there are pictures and videos from past workshops. However, it is difficult to really know how effective this has been as no opinions from the women taking these workshops are available. I would love to see and hear testimonials.